Pro shop will be open Dec. 20 and 21 from 12-3. Great bargains, gift certificates and free Waubeeka calendars!

Pro Shop


**Flat Rates**

( All Day, Everyday)

$50 for 18 holes

$25 f0r 9 holes


Cart only $5 per rider!!!


Be sure to take a look at our merchandise during your next visit. Nearly the entire inventory has been marked down in anticipation of new merchandise. Come get some great products at steep discounts before it’s too late!!


Keep an eye on the Updates tab of the web page to get the latest on what’s going on at the club.


Also, the Events page has been updated to include some new events, as well as information sheets and sign ups. Click on the event you’re interested in on the calendar to learn more!


Pro Shop Number: 413-458-8355


ProShop Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm

Sat-Sun 7:30am-6pm